Term and Condition

Read the information below in detail to learn about our Terms and Conditions We are presenting all the terms and conditions with transparency.

Web Hosting Agreement Related Terms
If you take the endorsement of our guidance, then for 1 year we provide this free hosting service, is for those who purchase website design and development packages, if you want to buy a separate hosting package, you can buy it. Along with hosting up to 1 year, we also provide SSL certificates for website security and free maintenance service for up to 3 months provide to the customers. Before starting the work, you are given all kinds of information related to the work on email, after your reply i.e. after the consent of the policies, the work is started. If you have any questions about the policies, you can get information via phone text message via email. After receiving all kinds of information, it is mandatory to give it by email with your consent of you. All the ways the right to change policies the company i.e. reserves the full Gurupuran Web Solution with itself. We also provide guidelines for the clients of businesses to complete their work as well as to protect their business.

Related Account Setup Term
After receiving your payment, you are sent a work-related email containing the proper details in how many days the work will be completed about information. Weekly Report Information is given by email and WhatsApp group Upon completion of the first email interaction, it is your obligation to give us complete and proper information about your work. If your account work account has been closed earlier for any reason, it will be made operational again after doing a case study and the fee earned for starting will be fixed. You will be given a payment reminder by email tax and message process if you do not make any accounting payments of the kind discussed on email and do not give any kind of information on WhatsApp or through a tax message, then after 30 days, your work account will be deleted. We will try our best to contact you in every possible way, it should be through mail tax and message if for any reason you are not able to exchange it, you are not able to respond to it, then we will not be responsible for that.

Start Work Policies for Project
The awarding design of your request will be sent to you after 2 days then you can make a 60% payment according to the overall payment. When 60% after the payment is paid, your acceptance first then we will start work changes on the homepage of a website. 99% of customers are completely satisfied with our work. If you are not satisfied with work as per required then, you can request refundable money in which half the money will be refunded to you and half the money that we have done will be deducted from the company fund. Refundable amount request time only will be the first week of work.

Spam Policy
Gurupuran Web solution will not tolerate any kind of self-activity on our web platform, the publicity of your work is advertising related you can send text or mail, not useful activity which can spoil your website app and data. We want to tell all our customers and all the professionals associated with us to stay away from UC's unsolicited commercial email and Spam activity and network as much as possible. We would like to inform everyone that if the UC is found in any form on our network and application platform, strict action will be taken against it in the legal format. We would like to give our customers a relative suggestion of email to protect them from another self that you do not send in mass mail and bulk by your personal server and the server provided by us. For this, you can also send third-party service providers where then email marketing verification via email and different servers in which the chances of spam are also less if this service can be taken by yourself and by us, for this we will guide you step by step.

General Rule & Legal Activity Related
We will not provide any assistance to anyone, transmit that content in any way that violates any law that contains information and data or content. 4 If a customer does not carry out according to the prescribed rule, we will terminate our work contract with him. For any reason, if any party does the activity in a wrong way then we will not be responsible for its work, because there are a lot of clear-referenced terms and conditions followers on the mail, and a presentation have been made on the website. We wish to tell to all professionals associated with us and on the channel from the end that our services or any information related to the product are not allowed to be tampered with, we do not allow, pornography images to broadcast pornographic video content in any manner. We never allow to disseminate any email uploaded on social platforms or any other platforms if sent, you can't bring any of our content into your personal and professional uses, we also advise customers to use without copyrighted content that will help bring up the website top rankings in future would like to inform the Customer that he cannot use and spread content images and videos without any written consent and that any images and videos he is using should be within the scope of the law.

System Network Related Term
We will not support the activities associated with sharing of security documents to our network and destroying it. If someone is caught tampering with our work security, he will face legal action and fines will also be up. Anyone who maligns the image of the company is strictly prohibited from uploading or spreading any kind of material. If the customer is responsible for any kind of data material destroy of website app which is uploaded to our workspace without informing him, the Gurupuran Web Solution do not take responsibility. 5 All our work the email professional follows WhatsApp chat Text/ and terms or does not believe in any verbal communication. During the work we take responsibility but after the final delivery, the responsibility of the customer all the responsibility is his own. If the customer's data is lost for any reason after the final mail, then his/her responsible company guru will not be a complete Gurupuran Web Solution. The responsibility of the company from starting to final delivery mail.

Rule for Programmers and Script Related
All programmers are told never to use extra scripts on website apps and software work. Because extra scripts slow down the overall side website software, which also the risk of being corrupted going forward and also takes up more space on the server. Whatever the programming code is, it should be done keeping in mind the testing, if any kind of performance is down, the website is tested on it on the app’s software. If an employee programmer puts the program script without testing, then a notice will be given to him that he will have to follow. The customer who has given the content such as content images, videos then the photos are his responsible customer and there is no copyright of any kind, the patent or right of other person business. After final delivery mail, with terms and conditions, all types of server panels are shared with the admin panel customer via email and if there is any kind of data loss after that, his/her responsible customer is himself. Yet we want customers to keep their monthly weekly backup, username password and don't share any security account details with anyone. If there is ever a data loss, the company is not responsible for it.

Our Web Hosting Rule
If you buy a package, you get the first year's hosting service free, but you're not the whole owner of it. In the first year you get free, but for the next year you have to purchase. Customers do not own the database software, but they do own the content done in it. Most of the source code HTML, CSS are in JavaScript that are handed over to the customer with the final delivery mail, most of these languages are used which browsers understand well Graphic Design, the design that the customer creates of his own free will when the final delivery after completion of the project and after the payment is made, the designs of all kinds handed over to him. If the website app which is written by the customer of all types of contents on the software then that is also handed over to the customer is the owner of the himself. The owner of all types of photos content videos is the customer himself if he or she has shared The Customer is informed in advance to share the without copyrighted photos if still the photos turn out to be copyrighted then his/her responsible customer is himself.

Domain Name Related Rights
The domain name works like an identity that defines the difference scope within the Internet. A domain name is a unique identity that becomes a brand after some time After domain registration, the customer is given special rights for the time fixed to be used, but these rights do not belong to the customer in its entirety. As an example: Just as we live in the house of the rent, the longer we paid it, the longer we live in that house, the same is the domain name, and hosting the longer we pay the service, the more time we can use some of its rights. When we take the domain name it is represented with the World Wide Web. By the name of the brand, customers then register the domain name, it is represented in the address bar of the browser.

Conclusion Term
If the customer wants to take the project source code, he can take html JavaScript designs under a special right which he is entitled to the content that has been prepared by the customer but if the customer wants to take the details of the hosting account which has been provided by the company, he cannot give it to him. The after-final delivery mail, the customer is given some special account details of the control panel admin panel and other panels which are shared but they can also use but he is not fully entitled. If the customer wants to discontinue his services with his company in the year for any reason, then after that full payment, he is given certain rights which he can decide on his own.

Domain/Hosting Related Rules
As already mentioned, the domain and hosting is provided by a third party company, but our company cannot share most of its account details because it has more company accounts with it. But still the customers are fully entitled to the source code and visual design which are handed over to them after the final delivery mail.

if you have any query you can feel free contact with us, through email, messages and, phone. if our team are busy on any call, then we will call you back shortly.

Support for Client & Package Description
The work technology package has already been shown on the mail new customer is an Existing customer can contact us via email chat and text message If you have already been our customer, then you get 3 months maintenance service free in which you can change small text, content, images 10 times by requesting on mail. After the work is done, if you want to change again, there are some points your website design but you can send request on email chat and WhatsApp, the details which are required from your side we will mentioned in mail.

New Customer

SSL: (Secure Sockets Layer)
If you choose the package, you get the facility of hosting free and at the same time you have such a certificate which is used for security is also provided to you for 1 year. After 1 year, you have to pay the payment for renewal hosting and you do not have to pay for such a sale service separately.

Installing Software Rules After Delivery of Work
If the customer gets something added to it after receiving the work, our company is not responsible for it. After the final delivery mail, some special rights are given to the customer, after that his data is lost for which our company is not responsible. But if your data has been lost for some reason in the year, you still tell the company, then the company will help you recover it.


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